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42Hybird Gearbox Deceleration Stepper Motor
  • 42Hybird Gearbox Deceleration Stepper Motor


In short,a deceleration stepper motor is a step motor quipped with a reducer. Deficient in acceleration torque usually occurs when the equipment bear with excessive inertia in many applications, which can be solved by using deceleration stepper motor. It can be applied within the brake with low speed and large torque, required to have small backlash, impact resistance and high strength. There are three models — 42mm, 60mm and 90mm with reduction ratio rang from 3.6 to 100.


As an indispensable power equipment,gearbox deceleration is widely used in printing, corrugating, packaging, conveying, food, color box machinery, as well as automatic storage, three-dimensional warehouse, three-dimensional parking, textile, dyeing, chemical and other equipments.

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